Easy trick to quickly gauge if you should invest.

It’s not difficult to quickly go through a white paper. Photo by Scott Graham from Unsplash.

The white paper of a cryptocurrency should be viewed as a ticket of authenticity for its development, technology stack, and future potential for growth. While most will not read a white paper because of its technical jargon and esoteric language, it is important to gauge every aspect of a cryptocurrency before you put your money down — the white paper is one of those critical aspects. It would be the same if you were investing in a stock, you would ideally want to know everything about the company and what novel technologies they were planning to bring to market before…

It’s Almost Not Possible.

Being Able to Invest for As Little As Possible is Key. Photo by Jason Leung from Unsplash.

There is no way to invest without money, but if you have a small amount to start out with, you can take advantage of promotions to basically begin for free.

Everyone knows the old adage: you have to spend money to make money. It is more than likely this will always be true unless some genius comes along and breaks the system. However, I pondered if it was possible to start without actually using any money of your own. One of the greatest challenges I see today with early investors is that they do not have enough money to begin…

I See Lots of Tips Out There, but Not this One

Finding Success Is Easy If You Know Your First Step. Photo by Zac Durant from Unsplash.

The easiest way to make money on Medium is to write for various publications and to write about multiple topics. I put the fact at the top of the article so no one has to dig through to read it. I have seen several articles on Medium that discuss how to get started, make hundreds per month, or general calls to action to write. However, I have not seen anyone lay out this fact plainly like this. The simple truth is that when new writers start out, they often have no idea what to write about. When I began on…

What No One Wants You To Know.

It’s a really simple secret. Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash.

What is the one thing about cryptocurrency that most people do not want you to know? Have you ever felt like everybody else has made more money than you invest? Odds are, you have probably met someone who has discussed making money by investing in cryptocurrencies on more than one occasion. Well, after months of reading and investing myself, I think I have discerned the one secret everyone needs to know when they are about to invest in cryptocurrency.

Invest for the Future Not the Here and Now

Yes, the above is the one true secret. My most coveted piece…

Do Not Think This is the End

Will Cryptocurrencies Survive the Summer? Photo by Executium on Unsplash.

There’s one simple reason why cryptocurrency value has not shifted much so far this month and that is due to a stagnant market. It’s the middle of the summer in the Northern Hemisphere and with the sun-baked environment comes a desire to put money on hotels, travel, entertainment, and other luxuries that are not entirely digital and on a computer screen. With many locations easing restrictions after the pandemic it has also led to many wanting to get back into normal operations, which sees more engagement in local activities. I believe these impacts…

Is it Worth Investing in this Cryptocurrency

Zilliqa: A Fantasy or a Dream. Screenshot by Author From Zilliqa Homepage.

I recently investigated the background of a cryptocurrency called Zilliqa that both captivated and perplexed me at the same time. With the thousands of cryptocurrencies available for purchase on the internet, there is often too little time and too many projects to invest in. After writing a recent article about the cheapest cryptocurrencies that will make potentially make millionaires, I was told that I had not done my due diligence as I failed to talk about one coin in particular — Zilliqa.

The Technology

I instantly dove into the background of this cryptocurrency and its blockchain technology. It appears to me that…

You Don’t Want to Miss Out.

Invest Cheaply, Wisely, and Confidently. Photo by Neonbrand from Unsplash.

Bitcoin and Dogecoin have come and gone, so to speak, in terms of making millionaires. Bitcoin is hovering between $31,000 and $35,000 these days, and Dogecoin will run a person about $0.20 to $0.25 cents a coin. If you are going to make large amounts of money off either of these coins, then you will likely need a lot of money to invest in them upfront. A 1000 dollar investment in Dogecoin at current prices will procure approximately 4,000 coins. If the price goes up to $0.55, you will have made about $1200 (less taxes and fees). The same amount…

Different places are adopting different cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are Gaining Prominence in Certain Regions. Photo by Brett Zeck from Unsplash.

In recent months, many towns, cities, and countries across the globe have implemented different strategies for how they will utilize cryptocurrencies. Even more surprisingly these places seem to each be adopting different types of cryptocurrencies as the preferred one of use.

A recent article by Dr Mehmet Yildiz highlights the city of Miami’s adoption of the cryptocurrency Algorand.

Algorand, as a proof of stake crypto, has several advantages over Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in its class. You can read more about these advantages in another article I wrote.

However, what I realized is that over the course of the last…

Cryptoback on all of your purchases has never been better.

Cards for the new era of finance. Photo by Vadim Artyukhin from Unsplash.

There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to debit cards that use cryptocurrencies for transactions. Cards are also important for disseminating the practicality and use of cryptocurrencies, as they help provide real world use cases for digital assets. With all the options out there it's hard to decide which card is worth using. A guide to each of these cards, along with their pros and cons, should assist those who are trying to determine which is the best for their needs.

Crypto.Com Card

The Crypto.Com Card is distributed by the Crypto.Com platform. There are 5 tiers of this…

Very Simple Method to Identify Potential Gems

Can You Find the Buried Treasure? Photo by Dmitry Demidko from Unsplash.

I’m often baffled at the amount of people investing in every random cryptocurrency out there without doing a little research first. Our favorite projects are not likely to become the next Bitcoin or the next Dogecoin. Bitcoin’s rise to value was slow and took multiple major economic events to catapult it to extraordinary values. Dogecoin was an overnight explosion of interest. Moving from joke to wealth maker in a span of 3 days. For all those who missed the train, here is how you identify the coins which will reach high values.

The Total Supply of the Coin

Always take a look at the total supply…

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