It’s Easy to Get Started and Doesn’t Take Large Amounts of Money

Crypto investment is easy and practical. Photo by author.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that obtains its value from user demand, participation in its network, and practicality in the real world. Bitcoin is easily the world’s most recognized and notable cryptocurrency. It had a tumultuous rise to…

I’ve Created a New Space to Discuss Crypto

Carthago. A financial independence and crypto investing discussion platform.

It’s abundantly clear that although cryptocurrency adaptation continues to grow, the level of knowledge amongst investors or potential investors not keeping pace. Reducing this gap will allow not only open up accessibility to cryptocurrencies but it will also make the use of…

It’s Only a Small Slice, but It’s Beautiful

A View of the Little Tennessee River between two Mountains. Photo by Found Spatial.


The Little Tennessee River is a tributary of the Tennessee River and although only a small section of it was captured for this drone story, there is so much to see and respect from this beautiful waterway. For this particular discussion, only…

It Will Soon Experience a Surge of Its Own

Altcoins are Booming Right Now. Don’t miss Out on these special ones. Photo by Executium on Unsplash.

Exciting times for all altcoin investors. In articles prior, I have argued for several that have reached all-time highs during the most recent run. It’s great to receive messages from many of you who have found financial success from my articles! While I think many of the coins I have…

Nick Sokol, PhD

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