Algaeo Field Experiments Journal: Cover Crops

Nick Sokol, PhD
3 min readSep 6, 2023



In the ever-evolving realm of sustainable agriculture, Algaeo is committed to pushing boundaries and exploring innovative ways to nourish crops while improving soil health. Our latest field experiments have been focusing on cover crops, and the initial findings are nothing short of promising.

1. Faster Germination Rates

One of the standout observations from our experiments is the remarkable difference in germination rates among cover crops treated with Algaeo’s biofertilizer. It’s no secret that a head start can make all the difference in crop growth. With Algaeo’s fertilizer, we’ve witnessed cover crops bursting forth from the soil at an accelerated pace, giving them a crucial head start in the race to reach maturity.

2. Denser Growth

Denser, lusher, and more vibrant — these are the words that come to mind when we look at the cover crops treated with Algaeo’s fertilizer. The results speak for themselves. The foliage is more abundant, and the overall growth appears more robust. This denser growth has the potential to offer increased benefits in terms of soil coverage, weed suppression, and nutrient retention.

3. Enhanced Soil Nutrient Levels

Perhaps one of the most exciting findings is the substantial increase in essential nutrients within the soil when treated with Algaeo’s biofertilizer. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium levels are on the rise, providing crops with a rich and balanced diet. These key nutrients are the building blocks of healthy plant growth, and our fertilizer is proving to be a reliable source.

4. Improved Soil Aeration

Aeration is crucial for healthy soils. Good soil aeration allows roots to access oxygen and nutrients while aiding in water retention. Soil treated with Algaeo’s fertilizer exhibits improved aeration, making it easier to work with. This translates to healthier root systems, less soil compaction, and a more hospitable environment for plants to thrive.



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