It Will Soon Experience a Surge of Its Own

Altcoins are Booming Right Now. Don’t miss Out on these special ones. Photo by Executium on Unsplash.

Exciting times for all altcoin investors. In articles prior, I have argued for several that have reached all-time highs during the most recent run. It’s great to receive messages from many of you who have found financial success from my articles! While I think many of the coins I have supported are doing well and will continue to be excellent assets to invest in, there are a couple of others that are less known, and I thought I should remind people about. These coins are currently low cost and can be bought in bulk, they each have huge future potential…

The Potential to Make Hundreds A Day

Earn money by putting your money to work. Photo by Ibrahim-Boran from Unsplash.

Passive income from cryptocurrency has become a trending topic in recent months due to the high interest offered by many coins. I honestly believe that passive income yields are the best thing about cryptocurrency despite the high amount of volatility inherent to their value. The thinking is that even if the value of the cryptocurrency fluctuates a lot, one can hedge off losses with earned crypto through interest until the coins value increases once again. If the coin reaches new highs, then your daily interest’s value increases alongside it. This is a win-win situation in all aspects. …

This Coin Will Likely See Mainstream Use in a Few Years

Get started with HI today! Photo by Author.

Ever wanted to experience a cryptocurrency that could claim ease of use, low transaction fees, accessibility, fun to use, and scalability? Then look no further, I would like to introduce the hi Dollar. In this article I will break down each component of HI and why it should be a currency on your radar for investment or at least platform enrollment at the very least. Since beginning use of this cryptocurrency, I can say that it is the easiest to use and provides the most “return value”, a cryptocurrency…

The Top Coins for Wealth Gain this Month

Pick up These Cryptocurrencies Today. Photo by Executium from Unsplash.

This month’s updates take a number of factors such as market health and accessibility into consideration for the list. September will likely see further gains in the cryptocurrency space as inflation continues to take a toll on the value of currencies across the globe.

Last month I wrote an article about the top ten cryptocurrencies to invest in for August of 2021. That article seemed to help out many who were wondering where to deposit their money for some growth of their money. Well, based off of reader feedback, I have decided to make this a monthly listing that would…

Let’s All Get Hi Together

Living in an age of altcoins it is often difficult for new cryptocurrency assets to stand out, but at the same time when one does, it is likely to shine very brightly. While recently surveying the landscape for cryptocurrencies and something new that can shake up the space, I was aghast that not much had really changed. A vast majority of cryptocurrencies are still trying to find viability in the public space. Another interesting note about most cryptocurrencies is their difficulty to use and pick up by the less technologically capable. However, I recently stumbled upon one altcoin that is…

The Origins of Financial Freedom

Passive Income With Crypto Is Very Easy. Photo by Jinyun from Unsplash.

Making money with cryptocurrency has never been easier and will likely not be this easy moving forward. In its early stages, many cryptocurrencies are trying to create platforms that attract users and provide incentives and services for them to stay. These incentives often manifest themselves in the form of interest yield on the amount of crypto you currently possess. However, what if I were to tell you that by selecting a diverse selection of assets you can easily make $100 US dollars worth of crypto by just leaving your money sitting there. With this money, you could either choose to…

You’ll want to Check out This Spot for Glorious Views

Learn More About this Fabulous Site. Photo By Author.

When it comes to flying drones almost every pilot craves the optimal location, conditions, and landscape to get the perfect shots that really grab people’s attention. While many of the popular locations often catch people’s attention, a good drone pilot can make even the most obscure sights look appealing. Let’s take a look at a sight that isn’t exactly obscure, but is perfect for flying drones and capturing beautiful footage and photos, and that is Goat Rock Beach in California.

Located right off of highway 1, Goat Rock Beach is…

3 tips to write money making articles

It’s not as difficult as you may think to make passive income on medium. Photo by Sharon Mccutcheon from Unsplash.

Write Articles That Will Continuously Attract Attention and Readership.

I put the answer up there for everyone to read and digest. The easiest way to make money on Medium overtime is to write compelling articles that continuously grip the reader’s attention. While there are a plethora of methods that allow writers to make money on this platform such as affiliate sales and advertising, the surefire way to maintain a continued stream of income from Medium alone is to continue writing articles that help people. …

This is what attracts people to your stories

Your Title is the Cover of Your Work. Photo by Joseph Frank from Unsplash.

If you’re subscribed to Medium or are a member then you most likely receive an email every day with notifications for articles likely catering to your interests. One morning, while skimming one of these emails, the though occurred to me to focus on why I opted to read certain articles while others I scrolled right on by. Was it the picture? No, not really. While the featured image could be used as eye candy, I wasn’t interested in a pretty picture — I was interested in content. Ultimately, what I realized was that the title of the article is what…

You Don’t Want to Miss Out on These Gems

New Players to Invest In for August. Photo by Stanislaw Zarychta from Unsplash.

Last month I wrote an article about the top ten cryptocurrencies to invest in for July of 2021. That article seemed to help out many who were wondering where to deposit their money for some growth of their money. Well, based off of reader feedback, I have decided to make this a monthly listing that would hopefully continue to help people. In addition to that, I will compare my updated selections to the previous month’s selections, this way, I can provide a brief analytical breakdown of the cryptocurrency space and why I moved certain assets up or down on the…

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